I did not know better then. Now that I know better, I am better.
— Maya Angelou

Samantha Etzi, LSW

Samantha Etzi is a Licensed Social Worker in Pittsburgh. She has experience working with juveniles, adults, and families whom interact with the court systems. She is a recent graduate of the Master of Social Work program at The University of Pittsburgh. Samantha has extensive knowledge and experience in conducting biopsychosocial assessments for individuals in Family and Criminal Court. She has expanded upon her academic and clinical training with various internships with government agencies, such as the Federal Public Defender, Allegheny County Juvenile Probation, and Allegheny County Court Records Civil Division.

Samantha is licensed to provide mental health evaluations to the Juvenile Court regarding recommendations for treatment and placement options for youth offenders. Her prior experience in Juvenile Probation has allowed her to have individual interactions with juveniles, while learning about the available rehabilitative options in Western Pennsylvania. Samantha has experience in therapy, as well as an understanding of the role of mental health experts in the court system.

Samantha is also trained to provide co-parenting counseling in individualized and group settings. Samantha has aided in research and composition of a parenting skills training course, as she is aware of frequent daily tasks that parents encounter every day. Additionally, she is aware of the common miscommunications and disagreements co-parents confront during and after separation in order to best provide for their child(ren). She has experience in conflict resolution and familial communication.