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Dr. Shannon Edwards

Clinical Experience

Dr. Shannon Edwards is a Clinical Forensic Psychologist in Pittsburgh. She has extensive forensic and clinical experience working with juveniles, adults, and families. Unique to the Pittsburgh area, are her eight years of academic training in Clinical Forensic Psychology, which involved rigorous clinically-grounded forensic specialty coursework.

The aforementioned coursework included forensic specialty ethical guidelines and training, which allows her to competently practice the specialization of Forensic Psychology, as well as testify as an expert in the area.

Dr. Edwards has evaluative experience with parental capacity evaluations, mitigating circumstance evaluations, competency to stand trial evaluations, criminal responsibility evaluations, neuropsychological evaluations, psychological evaluations for individuals involved with the justice system, sexual offender evaluations, and risk assessment evaluations. She has conducted diagnostic evaluations, competency to stand trial evaluations, brief neuropsychological evaluations, guardianship depositions, community re-integration evaluations, as well as delivered group therapy for individuals with severe mental illness within a state hospital forensic unit setting.


As the only licensed psychologist in the Pittsburgh area with eight years of academic training in forensic psychology, Dr. Edwards has opened a private practice to serve the community in downtown Pittsburgh. She continues to serve the family and criminal law Courts, respectively, as well as providing expert testimony to the Court. She has testified as an expert in Pennsylvania and Illinois courts.

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Serving Our Clients

Of particular interest to Dr. Edwards, is the purpose and need of social advocacy as it relates to severe mental illness and mentally ill individuals involved with our justice system. We are actively involved with the American Psychological Association, to include being a member in Division 18 (Psychologists in Public Service), Division 41 (American Psychological – Law Society), and the APA Practice Organization (APAPO), which is the APA’s legislative arm of the organization.

The respective groups’ missions and visions directly impact our work as a practitioner. Additionally, Dr. Edwards is a board member of the Greater Pittsburgh Psychological Association, an Associate Member of the Women’s Bar Association, and a member of the International Association for Correctional and Forensic Psychology.